Who is katy perry currently dating

Who is katy perry currently dating

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  • Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are apparently back together after a source They...
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  • Katy Perry is currently single and ready to mingle. But is that good news for the eligible...

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom 'Missed Each Other' and 'Are Dating Exclusively Again': Source

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Dating Timeline | Personal Space

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  1. ROXIE

    Turning down the chance to date Katy Perry is the kind of decision that most warm-blooded males would spend a lifetime regretting, though — as her ex-partners have all come to learn in one way or another — trouble is never far away in paradise, especially when that paradise is LA.


    Katy Perry is literally wearing her affections for on-again, off-again boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

  3. JERI

    After breaking up in March after a year of dating, they've been spotted together throughout this year but hadn't really commented on their status until showing up for this photo opp, which usually communicates "couplehood" to people.

  4. CHERI

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  8. FRAN

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    Bottom line: We had a outstanding organize, developing our own courageouss, met captivating general public, and expectedly I'll do it once more some day.

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  10. AVA

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